Post.Bid.Ship. Finalizes U.S. Patent Application

Often Jarret Hamstreet, my co-founder at Post.Bid.Ship. and I are complimented for being quick to implement necessary changes at our start-up. These changes by Jarret and me are done in our effort to put Post.Bid.Ship. on stable footing as well as to take advantage of the opportunities we see ahead for the company. In actuality, […]

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Pitching Post.Bid.Ship. in San Francisco

Over the last 2 years, Jarret Hamstreet and I have worked to build Post.Bid.Ship., an online marketplace helping make the $740 billion commercial freight industry more efficient by eliminating the millions of empty trailer miles operated by trucking companies each year. While Jarret and I have raised over $1.5 million thus far to bring our […]

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Why I Enjoy Reality TV

As a little boy and as a young man, I have always been excited about watching other people work. My wife and even one of my best friends Scott Smith get embarrassed by my staring at other people at work. My mother defends this obsession by describing my eyeballing as being ‘in deep thought.' I […]

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Crossing The Chasm Is Hard

In last month's article, I thanked several stakeholders who helped me and my co-founder Jarret Hamstreet start Post.Bid.Ship. What is Post.Bid.Ship.? Like sells empty hotel rooms and airline seats, Post.Bid.Ship. helps trucking firms sell empty trailer space. Click here to read last month's article. Last week, Post.Bid.Ship. reached 2 monumental milestones as a company: […]

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Did I or Government Build My Business?

Thursday night, the Republican National Committee nominated Mitt Romney to be their 2012 candidate for President of the United States. Being an entrepreneur myself and having worked with investors from within the private equity community, Mitt Romney’s professional life in starting and building companies is a world I have been fortunate to experience. At this […]

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Founders Are Not Heroes, Get Back To Work

Today, I read one of my favorite articles regarding start-up founders and the sometimes often false image of entrepreneurs as heroes. As a founder who often thinks of myself as having hero-like qualities but often gets brought back to earth by my wife, this article caught my attention. The article features Ann Miura-Ko which Forbes in […]

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Own, Lease or Share? That is the Question!

I received a great question from Post.Bid.Ship., Inc. board member Base Horner the other day. I decided it was such a good question, I'm publishing my response to him here! His question was "As Post.Bid.Ship. grows, will we eventually buy our own servers or do you feel we can continue to outsource our hosting?" His […]

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David Hornik's Perspective on Venture Capital

During this season of political debate with questions swirling about whether the US will re-elect the 'we need an all-serving, ever growing government, wary of business perspective' held by President Barrack Obama or the 'government which governs least governs best, business friendly, anti-regulation perspective' held by former private equity professional Mitt Romney, there will be a […]

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Harry George's Keynote at 2011 Idea Funding

I have had the pleasure to meet many great business leaders and prolific investors over my career as an entrepreneur. One of the most influential and successful in both of these categories is Harry George of Tucson, Arizona. For the past several years, Harry has been Arizona's most active venture capitalist investing and serving on […]

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Points of View Featuring Micky

In January, Micky Thompson with Post.Bid.Ship., Inc. and Jim Goulka with Arizona Technology Investors Forum (ATIF) were invited to appear on Points of View with Ray Torres. Micky and Jim were invited by host Ray Torres to discuss ATIF's recent investment into Post.Bid.Ship. and their views on entrepreneurship, angel investors and venture capital. You can […]

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