Post.Bid.Ship. Finalizes U.S. Patent Application

Often Jarret Hamstreet, my co-founder at Post.Bid.Ship. and I are complimented for being quick to implement necessary changes at our start-up. These changes by Jarret and me are done in our effort to put Post.Bid.Ship. on stable footing as well as to take advantage of the opportunities we see ahead for the company. In actuality, these often mild but sometimes dizzying changes are done out of necessity because Jarret and I have 2 clocks we watch closely.

The first clock is the amount of “cash on hand” provided by Post.Bid.Ship.’s investors that allow Jarret and me to build and commercialize our offerings. Our current and prospective Post.Bid.Ship. investors know this clock all too well because they can count on a call from Jarret and me when this clock begins to slow.

The other clock Jarret and I watch closely is operated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This clock started running when Jarret and I first submitted our provisional patent application on November 3rd, 2011 based around Post.Bid.Ship.’s innovative technology we had developed. The patent application documents the technology Jarret and I invented that aides shippers of commercial freight in automatically locating via the web the ideal trucking companies best suited to handle their freight.

Why did we submit the provisional patent application so early in our product development cycle?

According to our patent attorney, who is world renowned for Internet product patents, Jarret and I needed to begin the patent protection process as soon as or before we began commercial activities or generated revenue from our product.

Because time was of the essence, Jarret and I needed to file quickly because not generating revenue can be troublesome for a for-profit company like ours. Post.Bid.Ship. chose to file a ‘provisional’ patent with the U.S. Patent office instead of the ‘non-provisional’ patent because a provisional patent allows an inventor up to 1 full year to make improvements while also allowing us to commercialize the product at the same time. Further, filing the provisional patent application enabled us to claim “patent pending” status on our product.

One of the primary reasons Jarret and I are quick to implement improvements at Post.Bid.Ship. was not only because it is in our nature but because we wanted to take full advantage of that year provided by the U.S. Patent office to perfect our unique algorithm and technology at Post.Bid.Ship. This process allowed Post.Bid.Ship. the ability to secure patent protection while also allowing us to include the additional features we have developed over the last year. This we feel will provide Post.Bid.Ship. the best opportunities to reach our goal of helping to make the commercial transportation industry more efficient while protecting our company’s core technology from potential imitators.

We are happy to announce that earlier this month on Friday, November 2nd, the patent clock Jarret and I have watched officially stopped and we beat the deadline for finalizing our patent. Jarret and I along with our team at Post.Bid.Ship. are proud to announce we have officially submitted our final non-provisional U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 13/667,560 entitled “System and Method of Automatically Matching Cargo Carriers to Shippers” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As a result, we have officially completed the application process to protect our core technology under U.S. Patent Law.

Thanks again for your support!

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