Pitching Post.Bid.Ship. in San Francisco

By Micky Thompson

Over the last 2 years, Jarret Hamstreet and I have worked to build Post.Bid.Ship., an online marketplace helping make the $740 billion commercial freight industry more efficient by eliminating the millions of empty trailer miles operated by trucking companies each year. While Jarret and I have raised over $1.5 million thus far to bring our service to the market, we are still in need of additional capital to bring our vision for Post.Bid.Ship. to reality.

Silicon Valley Bank, a bank that represents many large venture capital funds, has been a partner of ours helping introduce us to several VC's to consider investing in Post.Bid.Ship. Silicon Valley Bank invited me to San Francisco to share our vision for Post.Bid.Ship. and to help start the process of us locating a VC that could help us take Post.Bid.Ship. to the next level.

Below is an interview I did on October 4, 2012 with Carrie Walsh, Managing Director of the Entrepreneur Services Group for Silicon Valley Bank discussing Post.Bid.Ship. and the challenges of raising capital in today's stressed financial markets. Below that video is the actual recording of my presentation I gave later in the day to over 100 VC's from the Silicon Valley area. Lastly, I share with you my actual presentation I delivered so you can see the actual PowerPoint presentation I delivered during the event. If you are either starting a company, growing a company or preparing your own investor pitch, I hope you find the recordings and presentation below beneficial.

Post.Bid.Ship.'s Micky Thompson Interview with Silicon Valley Bank's Carrie Walsh

Micky Thompson with Post.Bid.Ship. Pitch to Silicon Valley Bank 2012 Showcase

Micky Thompson with Post.Bid.Ship. Presentation to Silicon Valley Bank 2012 Showcase

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