Welcome to Eller MBA, now read these 100 pages...

By Micky Thompson

One of my goals in life has been to attend a top Entrepreneurship MBA program. That reality came true over the summer when I was accepted to the University of Arizona Eller MBA Program to study Entrepreneurship.

Currently, we have been attending a 2 week orientation. We have hit the ground running putting in 12, 16 and even 18 hour days and held 2 competitions..

Eller MBA has geared their program toward team building being a basic tenet with almost everything from class assignments, competitions and discussions done with some sort of team concept. I like this because no one wants to let their team down. For example, tonight, I am reading 10 assignments (about 100 pages) which will be used throughout the coming week during the "Teams and Leadership in Organizations" class. I am reading the material because more than likely I will be assigned to a team and then that team will probably compete in a competition relating to the material.

To make sure I have enough time during the next few months to stay on top of the reading, I have canceled all my magazine subscriptions and won't be checking out any books from the library. Will I cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket and ESPN College Gameplan for the coming football season? Not a chance. At least I have my priorities set:)

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