Eller Mystery Dinner Competition

By Micky Thompson

On the first night at the University of Arizona Eller MBA Orientation, the staff of Eller held a Mystery Dinner Competition involving each of the incoming students including myself. The staff divided us up into teams averaging 6 players each to prepare dinner for 5 judges. The dinner being judged had to be prepared using a box of surprise ingredients. We had 30 minutes to create our menu and 60 minutes to prepare the dishes..

We named our team "Bistro B." Our team consisted of all men, each of us admitting we were definitely not cooks. Our team consisted of 1 person from India, 1 from China, 1 from the state of Georgia, 1 from Washington DC, 1 from Arizona and me from Tennessee.

We were able to use our ingredients to create bruschetta for an appetizer, an arugula salad with a vinaigrette dressing, grilled zucchini wrapped shrimp and kung-pow chicken. Much to our surprise, our dinner was awesome! We didn't take the top prize but one of the judges said our dinner was only a couple of points away.

Click here to watch the video created using my phone of our team as we prepare for our presentation to the judges.

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