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Micky embodies a passion for entrepreneurship that he has successfully combined with a heart for service. After launching and growing several successful technology companies, Micky helps other executives implement the technologies he's mastered to help their organizations expand and scale their own operations. Today, Micky...
  • serves as Chief Information and Technology Officer for several growing enterprises.
  • leads multiple organizations' technology acquisitions and deployments.
  • oversees multi-million-dollar, custom software development projects.
  • has successfully launched/operated bootstrapped and investor-funded companies.
When Micky’s not leading large technology initiatives, Micky enjoys spending time with his wife Layla and their three children Amelia, Olivia and Crockett, skiing the different mountain ranges of the United States and watching college football. Micky holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from The University of Arizona.
Micky Thompson
Rackless, Inc.

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A little more about Micky + Rackless

Micky Thompson, the founder of Rackless, Inc., envisioned a company that could empower small and medium-sized companies to be able to access the same technology reserved for Fortune 500 companies. After seeing the emergence of cloud-based technology, Micky enrolled in the MBA program at The University of Arizona. There, Micky hone his business skills and prepared to launch such a company. 

After graduating from The University of Arizona with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and winning the 2010 McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship end of year business plan competition, Micky paused his plans for building that company to instead launch a venture-backed Internet startup. 

Micky, along with co-founders and classmates Jarret Hamstreet and Cody Nicholls, launched Post.Bid.Ship., a software platform designed for the commercial shipping industry. Micky along with his co-founders and 50+ angel and venture capital investors would grow Post.Bid.Ship. to include integrations with Oracle, spin-off its Oregon-based subsidiary TruckItNow into an independent company, and sell Post.Bid.Ship. to a publicly-traded company in 2022.

In 2013, a company hearing about Micky's idea to help small business buy and build technology reached out to him asking 'Can you put together your idea of a help desk staffed with trained support technicians and software developers we can rent from you?' Micky said yes and Rackless, Inc. was born. Through Rackless, Inc., MIcky would finally be able to execute on his idea to empower small and medium-sized companies with the talent and skills to master their technology. 

Through Rackless, Micky's vision that one day small and medium-sized companies could buy technology and software development services similar to how they purchased electricity or gas was becoming a reality. Small and medium-sized companies would be able to pay Rackless for what they need without the traditional cost of building an help desk and engineering team in house. 

Micky through Rackless would build a home for Support Technicians and Software Developers that knew how to serve their needs and also connect them with a diverse pool of clients that could help challenge them, allow them to diversify their skillset, and could best serve career needs. Today, Rackless recruits around the world providing clients access to their unique 24 hours/7 days a week technology knowledge factory.


Minutes Supporting Information Technology and Developing Software


Support Technicians and Software Developers
Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Does Micky really have 3 college degrees?
Yes, Micky has 3 college degrees, a fact that surprises even Micky. Micky holds the following 3 degrees:
  • Master of Business Administration, The University of Arizona
  • Bachelor of Science, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Associate of Science, Columbia State Community College
Micky also holds the following 2 certificates:
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship, The University of Arizona, McGure Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate from the Venture Capital Executive Program, University of California, Berkeley
Why is Micky surprised by his 3 college degrees?
You see, Micky took no college prep classes in high school. His plan was to follow in his father's footsteps and become a farmer. However, Micky's dream of becoming a farmer became unrealistic when several of the farms they leased were sold for development. To make ends meet after graduation realizing he wouldn't have as much land as he had planned to farm, Micky went to work at a local feed mill. While it wasn't farming, it was close enough.

While working at American Farm and Feed Supply in Franklin, Tennessee, the feed mill manager Acel saw potential in Micky. After seeing Micky calculate standard deviation in his head one day in predicting the amount of feed the store could sell, Acel took it upon himself to mentor Micky into possibly following a different path. Acel told Micky, "We want someone with your skills running this place." Acel recommended Micky visit a local community college feeling a college degree could help put Micky in a better position to become a store manager.

After a visit to Columbia State Community College, Micky enrolled taking classes while also continuing to work part-time in the feed mill with Acel. 5-years later, Micky returned to that same store as General Manager. Acel's vision for Micky was realized. And the rest as they say 'is history.'
How did Micky transition from Agriculture to Technology Leader?
Micky's career has taken an unconventional path due to the times he lived. Growing up in a rural Tennessee farming community, it was natural for Micky to develop a passion for agriculture. His family, neighbors, and more importantly, his role models were all farmers.

When his community changed from being a rural community to being a part of the Nashville suburbs, Micky adapted. He took his team made up of farm laborers he had recruited to work his and others' farms during the farming season to also cutting yards and sealing driveways and decks. 

During the winters, Micky interned for a commercial insurance agency, agriculture supply company, a large paint retailer, and more to help develop his business acumen and most importantly to pay his bills.

Micky had 2 hobbies. The first was football. Micky played till he was 30 years old. His last team, the Tennessee Tornadoes, reach the rank of the 8th best 8-men flag football team in the United States by Flag Football Magazine. Micky football days came to an end after having his shoulder separated by the 3rd string quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers during a tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. Computers was Micky's other hobby.

Micky's computer hobby started when his father did 2 things. First, his father brought home a computer that would soon operate robots at the General Electric plant he worked nights when not farming. Micky's father asked Micky and his brothers if they could teach him how to operate it. Micky took the lead on learning it and helping his father matter it. Next, Micky's father bought the family an Apple IIe feeling computers were the future and he wanted his kids to be better prepared than he was.

After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, Micky was recruited first by his old feed store where Acel helped inspire him to go to college. While General Manager of that store, Micky was then recruited by one of his vendors, a large seed company named AgriBiotech, to run their Nashville office which had been struggling. 

At AgriBiotech, Micky would request a purchase of a new computer database system as part of his work in making the company Y2K compliant. His request was rejected. Micky being paid mostly on commission decided to purchase the computer system himself. He saw learning and deploying the system as an opportunity he couldn't let slip away due to bureaucracy. He hosted that computer system at his parent's home in his  childhood bedroom with their full support. 

After installing 4 telephone lines, purchasing a couple of servers, and several modems, Micky built a custom database system that took his territory from $120,000 in sales per year to $1.2 million/year. After seeing the success Micky was having, his company unable to make the commission payment instead offered him a corporate truck, a promotion, and to reimburse him for his expenses. Micky took the offer to reimburse him but declined the promotion and truck. Instead, Micky accepted an offer from a competitor based in Texas who also saw his success. 

Micky remembers the offer well because it came on Christmas eve. This company named BWI agreed to pay Micky $62,500+ as a contractor if he would show their team of executives how he built such a system and to deploy a replica for them. 

With these funds and his first client, Micky started his first technology company advising growing agriculture firms on technology. That business expanded quickly to include non-agriculture clients such as Bank of America, American Express, FedEx, and many other small, medium, and large innovative companies. 

At the age of 30 and recovering from his shoulder injury as mentioned earlier, Micky felt a calling to formalize his business and entrepreneurship experience. He would earn a Master of Business Administration degree, also known as a post-graduate degree or MBA for short. The University of Arizona, ranked #2 in the nation for Entrepreneurship, offered Micky a full scholarship to move to Tucson, Arizona and study full-time for 2-years.

Upon graduating from The University of Arizona with his MBA, Micky along with classmates Jarret Hamstreet and Cody Nicholls, launched and grew Post.Bid.Ship. Micky served as CEO for the first 3-years and then transitioned to be the company's Chief Information/Technology Officer part-time while he pursued his next venture, Rackless, Inc.

In the words of Paul Harvey, "...and now you know the rest of the story."
Why the name Rackless?
Micky's daughter Amelia asked him what they were going to do after Post.Bid.Ship.? Sitting in a large retail store parking lot, Micky pointed to the rack of shopping carts. He said "One day Amelia, we won't need those shopping carts or those shopping car racks. The products those carts carry today will in the future be sold online and delivered to us."

Having just learned about prefixes and suffixes in elementary school class that day, Amelia said "So the store will be Rackless?" pointing to the rack that held the carts. Micky said 'Yes, exactly.' He went on to share with her that not only would the store need less shopping carts and less shopping car racks, but company's like Post.Bid.Ship. would  no longer need physical servers and the racks that hold them due to the cloud. 

The next day after Layla, Micky's wife gave birth to their twins Olivia and Crockett, Micky searched online to see if was registered. It was but not being used. MIcky that afternoon shortly after meeting his twins for the first time negotiated the purchase of Why? A company wanting to hire Micky to build their help desk and recruit software developers needed to write a check to him to get started. What other name to use other than the one Amelia invented and that would be acquired on Olivia and Crockett's birth date making it extra special and marking the transition of Micky from building Post.Bid.Ship. to building Rackless.
How rare is one person that can be both Chief Information and Technology Officer?
Micky having served as both Chief Information and Chief Technology Officers for multiple organizations makes him something of a unicorn. It is rare that one person has the skillset and experience to both buy and build technology. 

To serve as the Chief Information Officer, a person must have mastered the skill of working with different departments and coordinating the purchase and deployment of Information Technology systems. To serve as the Chief Technology Officer, a person must have mastered the skill of recruiting and working with product owners, software developers, scrum masters, business owners, and multiple stakeholders to take a custom software development product from idea to the marketplace.

When you combine this with the fact Micky holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from The University of Arizona, studied Venture Capital at the University of California, Berkeley, and has raised both Angel and Venture Capital for two startups both having experienced successful exits, his skillset and experience is definitely unique.

What our customers say about Micky

Over the years, Micky and his team have received praise from our clients after introducing them to our unique process for acquiring and deploying commercial technology as well as building custom software. Here are some of those testimonials. We look forward to earning your positive testimonial and showing it off here in the near future.
Chris Lawrence
Hope Has Arrived, LLC
When I first had the idea to start my website, I tried working with a top rated developer. The process was extremely frustrating and cost me money and time simply because I couldn’t communicate effectively with him. I was so frustrated trying to build a website, I wanted to smash my laptop against the wall. I don’t think he was trying to talk above my head, it’s just the reality of the complexity of the Internet and launching a website in today’s world. 

Micky and his team helped me learn the necessary skills to communicate with a developer. Now, my website is launched, and the mission is going forth. My traffic and conversions are continuing to grow. Micky and his team continue to teach me how to run and grow my website.
Bobby Walters
Rezult Technology
If you’re considering a technology project and want someone you can count on to deliver, look no further than Micky Thompson. I worked with Micky to supply programming consultants for a project which he was managing the delivery of for his client. We worked closely together and I found Micky was a pleasure to work with and was 100% committed to his client’s best interest while also considering the interests of everyone involved – he truly seeks to create a win-win. I found him to be a creative, driven and dedicated individual who will do what’s necessary to deliver what he says. He is also someone that sticks to his core values who you can trust to operate his business dealings in an ethical manner. I look forward to working with Micky again and I endorse him as both a person and a professional.
Tim Altman
TheHopeLine, Inc.
Micky has amazed me. I am not talking about his knowledge of technology, which is expert, but about his ability to put it all together. He understands how systems work. He knows how to construct and manage processes. Most importantly, he knows how people and processes fit together.

That’s why Micky has been able to lead us in the construction and implementation of a custom CRM system. It’s why we have virtually zero downtime in any of our systems. It’s why we have achieved seamless IT integration with multiple vendors. It’s why I virtually never think about technology, but have the luxury of capitalizing on the powerful information these systems have put at our fingertips.

Though our operation is less than $5 million per year, I have been told by Fortune 500 executives that what Micky has done for us would be the envy of their organizations. Thank you Micky!
Collin Crowley
Collin Crowley
Post.Bid.Ship., Inc.
I started working with Micky when Post.Bid.Ship. was simply a business plan. I had the pleasure of learning from him while he built his vision of Post.Bid.Ship. from idea on paper to functioning business. Micky has incredible vision as well as the ability to manage and motivate a team. His work with investors is both creative and constructive and he is a pleasure to work with every single day. Micky's analytical and strategic talents take business development to the next level. He has an amazing ability to find and break down data as well as build strategy to meet any goal.

Not only is Micky a talented entrepreneur, he is also an extremely caring mentor. Micky's ethics and ideals cannot be shaken, and Micky will never sacrifice his character or beliefs for personal gain. He truly cares about everyone he works with and it shows through his actions every day. Micky is honest, fair, and a true example of how business should be done in today’s entrepreneurial economy.
Christopher Cupp, Sr
The Spirit Project
I had the pleasure to meet Micky Thompson while transitioning careers into Information Technology/Project Management, and I couldn’t ask for a better leader and mentor. Micky has a breadth of knowledge in many application areas and is excited to share his expertise.

Before partnering with Micky, our company had little experience with the Software Development Life Cycle and Agile Project Management. We were overrun by defects, scope creep, and long cycle times spread across multiple concurrent running projects. In layman’s terms, our customers were unhappy, we were drowning in our backlog, and throwing money away. Micky helped us navigate the chaos in such a fast-paced environment and established agile best practices we use to this day to approach all our projects. Our customers have never been happier or more satisfied with the value we deliver.

His ambition and energy when tackling tough challenges is infectious and motivates those around him. I would not be where I am today without Micky’s guidance and willingness to share his knowledge and expertise.
John Kaufman
The CRM Connection
I have worked with Micky since 2002. He is a consummate professional who approaches life and his work passionately. He knows how to successfully run a service business with integrity and treats the people who work with him with respect and honor. Micky’s knowledge of the computer industry coupled with his business ethics makes him an asset to everyone who has the privilege to work with him.
Joseph D'Entrone
Post.Bid.Ship., Inc.
Micky Thompson is a rare combination of idea and drive. I have had the pleasure of having Micky as both a manager and advisor during my time at Post.Bid.Ship. where he created a fluid development environment and made leading our team look effortless. Above all, Micky always found ways to be on the forefront of technology whilst keeping the team agile and focused. Also, Micky brought a level of energy that could only be described as contagious. Any company would be lucky to have Micky as an officer.

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