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Micky has successfully built a team of web professionals. Included on his team are product owners, software developers, and support technicians. With this team, Micky builds web products for himself plus a select group of clients.

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Micky featured by The University of Arizona

Micky was proud to be selected for the cover and feature article in Eller Progress Magazine, a business magazine published annually by The University of Arizona.

Micky graduated from Eller College of Management at The University of Arizona. There he earned the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Today, Micky builds online products for both himself and his clients. Through his companies and clients, Micky has served the roles of Founder, Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Technology Officer.

When he is not building web apps, Micky spends time with his wife, Layla, as they enjoy their 3 children, Amelia, Olivia, and Crockett.

When I first had the idea to start my website, I tried working with a top rated developer. The process was extremely frustrating and cost me money and time simply because I couldn’t communicate effectively with him. I was so frustrated trying to build a website, I wanted to smash my laptop against the wall. I don’t think he was trying to talk above my head, it’s just the reality of the complexity of the Internet and launching a website in today’s world.

Micky and his team helped me learn the necessary skills to communicate with a developer. Now, my website is launched, and the mission is going forth. My traffic and conversions are continuing to grow. Micky and his team continue to teach me how to run and grow my website.

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