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Micky has raised over $10 million in outside venture funding for two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products and has successfully exited the first and is currently exiting the second. Micky also has completed his Master's in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. Over the last 20-years, Micky has developed a unique process for building capital-efficient web-based software, with the goal of helping non-technical founders launch faster, for less money, and with higher quality.

In partnering with Micky and his team, you will learn his proven software development processes he and his team have developed building his own SaaS products. After selecting and purchasing a plan, you will learn to build online products more economically and scalable while avoiding the common mistakes of learning the process on your own. By following our unique steps for developing websites and SaaS software, you will become the envy of your colleagues, clients, competitors, and more.
Micky Thompson, CEO
Rackless, Inc.

How it works, let's get started...

We have focused on efficiency in both communications and our work to measure our progress down to the minute. At the core of our work is both synchronous and asynchronous communications. Synchronous communications is the type of communication that occurs in a face-to-face meeting. Asynchronous communication is any type of communication where there is a time lag before the recipients take in the information and offer their responses. Our globally-based team uses both these communication types to make progress faster than methods. Review the steps below to see how it works and how to get started.
Step 1
Buy Our Starter Plan
To get started, purchase our $999/month plan below. With this plan, you'll receive 999 minutes/month of 1:1 coaching 20 minutes/week with Micky, access to our support team, and software development. 
Step 2
Accept Ticket System Invitation
We have built our own ticket system for managing our work with clients. Accept the email invitation to our secure online ticket system used to track your feature requests and facilitate communications.
Step 3
Open a Ticket
In our ticket system, open your first ticket. In this ticket, tell us the first thing you wish to achieve. Then assigned to Micky. From there, Micky will introduce you to your first team members to get started.
Step 4
Respond Timely
Our ticket system will alert you when a team member has accepted your ticket and started. They may even assign a ticket back to you with comments or questions. Please respond timely to all requests.
Step 5
Invite Your Team
Do you have team members that help you with your website? Invite them to to assist you. There’s no additional charge for your team members whether employees or contractors.
Step 6
Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime
We built our systems to grow and shrink as your needs grow and shrink. Need more time? Upgrade to one of our custom plans. Are your needs slowing down? You can downgrade back to a previous plan.

Our affordable technical cofounder plans

Gain access to Micky and his team via our Technical Cofounder plan. This plan includes unlimited requests via our online ticket system, online live chat support, website and application hosting, a 60-minute kickoff call and 20 minutes/week coaching call with Micky, access to Micky's team of Software Developers, Support Technicians, and Product Owners, and much more.


Get started today with 999 minutes/month of access to our team of Software Developers, Support Technicians, Coaching with Micky, and more.
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Contact Us

Do you need more time with us? We can work with you to help build a custom plan that meets your specific technical needs. Contact us to learn more.
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14 days refund period, no questions asked

Features included in all technical cofounder plans

Below is just a small list of all the features included with our plans.
60-Minute Kickoff Call
Micky will facilitate a 60-minute coaching call between you and himself to hear about your idea and to begin introducing you to his unique processes.
One-on-One Coaching
From idea, source code, languages, frameworks,  hosting, tickets, and more, we provide 1:1 coaching 40 minutes/week to help you learn our process.
Software Developers
Micky and his team recruit software developers from around the world to build his and his clients products. Our team will also work with you and your team.
Support Technicians
Integrating systems and resolving technical issues are a must for today's modern websites. Our Support Technicians are prepared to help.
Regular Backups
Regular backups of your website are important. We automatically back up your websites to offsite facilities to keep your websites safe and protected.
Enterprise Web Hosting
Standing on the shoulders of giants improves our performance. We've partnered with AWS, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, and more for our hosting. 
Ticket System
Flexible, asynchronous, agile, transparent, and more, will help preserve your organizational memory and speed up development.
Source Code 
As your code advances and new features are added, we will track code changes by using Git, the world's leading source code management system.
Automated Testing
To ensure quality code, we regularly perform automated testing of your website and its features including contact forms, shopping carts, and more.
Load Testing
To ensure adequate server capacity is available to serve your web visitors, we regularly load test your website. This helps our systems grow as you grow.
Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with our service within the first 14 days, let us know. Why? We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked.
Cancel Anytime
There's a saying "business partnerships are like marriages." Our service is better than taking on a partner. Why? you can cancel our service anytime.

A little more about us

While building SaaS products in the late 1990's and early 2000's, Micky envisioned a day he could buy software development services similar to how he purchased electricity or gas. Pay for what you need without the overhead of recruiting costs, education expenses, employment benefits, and more. 

After years of waiting for someone to invent such a service and even talking about how such a service should exist, a fellow entrepreneur in need of such a service said to Micky, 'Can I just rent you and your development team part-time and pay you for what we use?' Micky said yes and Rackless, Inc. was born on August 19th, 2013.

At first, Rackless, Inc. focused on selling fractional Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Software Development, and IT Helpdesk support. Over the years as entrepreneurs, startups, non-profits, and smaller organizations reached out to Micky and his team for technical assistance, the need for an even more fractional version of Rackless become apparent. was created, as a part of Rackless, Inc., to help serve fledgling entrepreneurs. To keep costs as low as possible for these startup clients, provides our services, training, and communications via one-on-one training with most work being done asynchronously as our team members are available.

There are no contracts required. This helps lower legal fees. Lastly, we avoid dedicating specific team members such as a dedicated software developer to a project but instead provide access across our team on a first-come-first-serve basis. By providing our clients access to a team of technology professionals, this also helps increase the turnaround time for requests.


Minutes Developing Software and Supporting Websites


Support Technicians and Software Developers

What our customers say about us

Over the years, Micky and his team have received praise from our clients after introducing them to our unique process for building software. Here are some of those testimonials. We also look forward to earning your positive feedback in the near future.
Chris Lawrence
Hope Has Arrived, LLC
When I first had the idea to start my website, I tried working with a top rated developer. The process was extremely frustrating and cost me money and time simply because I couldn’t communicate effectively with him. I was so frustrated trying to build a website, I wanted to smash my laptop against the wall. I don’t think he was trying to talk above my head, it’s just the reality of the complexity of the Internet and launching a website in today’s world. 

Micky and his team helped me learn the necessary skills to communicate with a developer. Now, my website is launched, and the mission is going forth. My traffic and conversions are continuing to grow. Micky and his team continue to teach me how to run and grow my website.
Bobby Walters
Rezult Technology
If you’re considering a technology project and want someone you can count on to deliver, look no further than Micky Thompson. I worked with Micky to supply programming consultants for a project which he was managing the delivery of for his client. We worked closely together and I found Micky was a pleasure to work with and was 100% committed to his client’s best interest while also considering the interests of everyone involved – he truly seeks to create a win-win. I found him to be a creative, driven and dedicated individual who will do what’s necessary to deliver what he says. He is also someone that sticks to his core values who you can trust to operate his business dealings in an ethical manner. I look forward to working with Micky again and I endorse him as both a person and a professional.
Tim Altman
TheHopeLine, Inc.
Micky has amazed me. I am not talking about his knowledge of technology, which is expert, but about his ability to put it all
together. He understands how systems work. He knows how to construct and manage processes. Most importantly, he knows how people and processes fit together.

That’s why Micky has been able to lead us in the construction and implementation of a custom CRM system. It’s why we have virtually zero downtime in any of our systems. It’s why we have achieved seamless IT integration with multiple vendors. It’s why I virtually never think about technology, but have the luxury of capitalizing on the powerful information these systems have put at our fingertips.

Though our operation is less than $5 million per year, I have been told by Fortune 500 executives that what Micky has done for us would be the envy of their organizations. Thank you Micky!
Collin Crowley
Post.Bid.Ship., Inc.
I started working with Micky when Post.Bid.Ship. was simply a business plan. I had the pleasure of learning from him while he built his vision of Post.Bid.Ship. from idea on paper to functioning business. Micky has incredible vision as well as the ability to manage and motivate a team. His work with investors is both creative and constructive and he is a pleasure to work with every single day. Micky's analytical and strategic talents take business development to the next level. He has an amazing ability to find and break down data as well as build strategy to meet any goal.

Not only is Micky a talented entrepreneur, he is also an extremely caring mentor. Micky's ethics and ideals cannot be shaken, and Micky will never sacrifice his character or beliefs for personal gain. He truly cares about everyone he works with and it shows through his actions every day. Micky is honest, fair, and a true example of how business should be done in today’s entrepreneurial economy.
Christopher Cupp, Sr
The Spirit Project
I had the pleasure to meet Micky Thompson while transitioning careers into Information Technology/Project Management, and I couldn’t ask for a better leader and mentor. Micky has a breadth of knowledge in many application areas and is excited to share his expertise.

Before partnering with Micky, our company had little experience with the Software Development Life Cycle and Agile Project Management. We were overrun by defects, scope creep, and long cycle times spread across multiple concurrent running projects. In layman’s terms, our customers were unhappy, we were drowning in our backlog, and throwing money away. Micky helped us navigate the chaos in such a fast-paced environment and established agile best practices we use to this day to approach all our projects. Our customers have never been happier or more satisfied with the value we deliver.

His ambition and energy when tackling tough challenges is infectious and motivates those around him. I would not be where I am today without Micky’s guidance and willingness to share his knowledge and expertise.
John Kaufman
The CRM Connection
I have worked with Micky since 2002. He is a consummate professional who approaches life and his work passionately. He knows how to successfully run a service business with integrity and treats the people who work with him with respect and honor. Micky’s knowledge of the computer industry coupled with his business ethics makes him an asset to everyone who has the privilege to work with him.
Joseph D'Entrone
Post.Bid.Ship., Inc.
Micky Thompson is a rare combination of idea and drive. I have had the pleasure of having Micky as both a manager and advisor during my time at Post.Bid.Ship. where he created a fluid development environment and made leading our team look effortless. Above all, Micky always found ways to be on the forefront of technology whilst keeping the team agile and focused. Also, Micky brought a level of energy that could only be described as contagious. Any company would be lucky to have Micky as an officer.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Does Micky or his company require equity in my company like traditional technical cofounders?
No, we don't require equity. Now, isn't that a beautiful thing! However, if you are feeling generous and want to provide equity to Micky or our company, we won't stop you. :) Micky is somewhat an expert in private equity having studied Venture Capital at the University of California, Berkeley and having raised over $10 million from both Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. So, while Micky nor his companies require equity, he can help you how best to think about private equity having both studied it and sold it through his multiple ventures. 
Do you include web hosting?
Yes, we provide enterprise-grade hosting for all websites we service at no additional cost to you. We include hosting for websites as we have found that when combining our purchasing power for several clients with becoming an expert in our hosting partners features and services, we are able to manage these costs in a way that allows us to include hosting as a feature within our service.
Are websites backed up regularly?
Yes, we automatically backup our website files, and databases daily both internally with our hosting partners and externally from one hosting provider to another (i.e. Digital Ocean to Amazon Web Services). We do this in an effort to provide both traditional data recovery in the event of a human error and disaster recovery in the event that one of our hosting partners should become unavailable (i.e. due to a natural disaster).
Where will our website be hosted?
Our three primary hosting partners are Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, and Digital Ocean. We host our client websites with the hosting partner that we feel can provide the highest level of service with the minimum amount of down-time.
Do you provide onsite visits, conference calls, and telephone support?
To keep our pricing as low as possible for clients, we perform most communications outside our 1:1 coaching services using asynchronous tools including online chat and our ticket system. 

If your company is in need of synchronous communications such as onsite visits, conference calls, and telephone support, we can talk about that during our coaching sessions. We have done onsite visits for clients before so they are not out of the question. It just comes down to your specific needs, expectations, and our ability to schedule it. 
Can we upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime?
Yes! We built our services to allow clients to be able to grow as your needs grow. You can upgrade anytime as long as we have the capacity as far as team members to facilitate the upgrade. 

If your needs decrease, you can downgrade to a lower plan once every 3-months. 

Lastly, we understand that not every startup or venture succeeds. So, you can cancel our service at anytime. We don't provide refunds outside the first 14-days so your cancelation will take effect upon your next renewal date or a date that you and us agree to prior. 
Do minutes roll-over to the next month?
Yes! Both used and un-used minutes roll-over for up to 3-months. By allowing both used and un-used minutes to rollover for up to 3-months, this will provide flexibility for when demand shifts unexpectedly.
Are there any special tools or software required?
Yes and no. Technically, you could get away with writing words to our software developers and support technicians. However, we have found some tools help in this communication making it faster to communicate. 
Snagit from Techsmith: There is a saying 'a picture is worth a 1,000 words.' As a result, we recommend the software product Snagit from Techsmith for making screenshots.
Loom: For the saying, 'a video is worth a million words', we recommend Loom for recording your screen and communicating a feature or change you want built.
LastPass: For sharing passwords, we recommend LastPass.
Do we have to sign a contract?
No! With, there are never any contracts to sign. 

If your company does wish to have a contract in place as part of their purchasing process, contact us and we will connect you with our parent company, Rackless, Inc. as they can provide custom pricing that can include that level of service. 
What software development languages and frameworks do you support?
Our team members are trained and experience with the software development languages including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, C#, and more. When it comes to software frameworks, we support today:
WordPress, the world's most popular Content Management System
WooCommerce, the world's most popular e-commerce software
Laravel, the world's most popular PHP framework for online applications
Node.js, the world's most popular JavaScript backend runtime
ASP.NET Core, Microsoft's popular software framework utilizing C# 
Vue 3, a popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces
Tailwind, a utility-first CSS framework for rapid design
And more including MySQL, Microsoft SQL, React, and more.

Let’s work together

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the form below.

Micky Thompson helps small to medium-sized organizations access Chief Information/Technology Officer services used by larger enterprises except on a fractional basis. By purchasing Chief Information/Technology Officer services on a fractional basis, the services are easier to obtain and more affordable. In using our services, our clients avoid the overhead of recruiting and retaining the talent required to perform this work in-house.
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