Mad Respect for the Unethical?

Today, I was reminded of a house I bought from a bank in Arizona several years, ago. My cousin-in-law, Blair, was asking for advice on a property he was purchasing. I shared this story during my coaching to illustrate where in that purchase, I discovered there is a difference between unethical and illegal. I, myself, […]

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If You're Not Growing, You're dying! An Argument for Business Growth

There is a saying in business: “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Some would argue against growth as though growth in itself is evil. Such arguments appear in statements like ‘the company wants growth at all costs' or ‘they put growth before people.’ Such statements are more than likely well-intended and have facts that support […]

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Got 'Bias' in Your Organization? Outsiders Welcome! - Part 2

This is part 2 of my article titled 'Got 'Bias' in Your Organization? Outsiders Welcome!' If you would like to read Part 1, click here. While sitting with Matt and racking our brains out for a resolution, I shared with him that I really feel our programmers were suffering from the same bias my daughter […]

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Got 'Bias' in Your Organization? Outsiders Welcome! - Part 1

Several months ago, I started an official review my company's, Post.Bid.Ship., Inc., software development processes. We utilize extremely advanced processes to develop technology designed to help automate the $700 billion commercial shipping industry. The reason for the official review was that our development team was not able to explain nor resolve why bugs in our […]

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When I Knew The 'Cloud' Was Going To Be Big

I ran across some notes the other day I had prepared for an Entrepreneur Magazine interview I was doing with regards to launching Post.Bid.Ship. and using the cloud. Because the interview was going to include how I came to embrace the cloud, I decided to write about the moment I knew the 'Cloud' was going to […]

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When You Know Your Business Has Began To Scale

Often when asked by young entrepreneurs what business book I recommend they read, I say 'The E-Myth Revisited'. The book basically argues that for a business to be truly successful, the business must scale beyond any one specific person, especially the founder. Per the E-Myth, a business does this by the founder of the business dividing their day-to-day […]

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Obituary: George Howard Thompson of Spring Hill, TN

George Howard Thompson, 75, retired from General Electric Corporation and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, life-long farmer and resident of the Spring Hill Community for many years, died Friday, February 14, 2014 at Williamson Medical Center surrounded by his loving family. Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. at Oakes &Nichols with Rev. […]

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What Your Business Could Learn from Nick Saban

My favorite college sports team is The University of Alabama Crimson Tide (tweet your 'Roll Tide' or disdain on Twitter to @mickythompson). While I love my alma maters Middle Tennessee State University and The University of Arizona, my football passion since a small child has led me to be a lifelong 'Bama fan. My passion […]

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Microsoft Office 365 Laps Google Mail on Apple iPhone/iPad

I recently moved my personal email to Google Mail, the premium version of Gmail designed for business users like myself. Why did I move? My email for the past 15 years has been hosted on Microsoft Exchange either on my own server or in the cloud. For the last 5 years, I have hosted my […]

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CNBC Interviews Post.Bid.Ship. New CEO

Recently, I stepped down as CEO of Post.Bid.Ship. to spend more time with my wife, Layla, and daughter, Amelia, and welcome to our family our new twins Olivia and Crockett (to read more about that decision, click here.) Post.Bid.Ship.'s Board of Directors (in which I remain a member) didn't take long in identifying my replacement. We […]

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