CNBC Interviews Post.Bid.Ship. New CEO

Recently, I stepped down as CEO of Post.Bid.Ship. to spend more time with my wife, Layla, and daughter, Amelia, and welcome to our family our new twins Olivia and Crockett (to read more about that decision, click here.) Post.Bid.Ship.’s Board of Directors (in which I remain a member) didn’t take long in identifying my replacement. We felt my co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Jarret Hamstreet was the right person to take the reigns and lead the company to the next level.

So what is a good sign we made the right decision in selecting Jarret? When he was invited to appear on CNBC just a few weeks into his new role! Jarret was recently interviewed as part of CNBC’s Global Entrepreneurship Week where Post.Bid.Ship. was named one of the Top 100 MBA Start-ups.

Did you know that on the same day Jarret appeared on CNBC, the Dow Jones hit 16,000 for the first time in history? Now you can see that same powerful interview online below. To see the full list of the Top 100 MBA Start-ups, click here.