Leadership Is Key To Building The Right Sales Team

Recently, one of my favorite business shows ‘Your Business’ on CNBC covered how to hire the right sales people for your business. My start-up, Post.Bid.Ship., is right now in the process of hiring new salespeople to grow our premium user-base for our online commercial freight marketplace.

For the past 3 years, I have proudly served as CEO for Post.Bid.Ship. while our team worked to build our now award-winning suite of Internet products. After great thought, I recently made the decision to step down as CEO and nominate to our corporate board that my co-founder Jarret Hamstreet succeed me as the next CEO.

The first and most important reason for this leadership change was that doing so would allow me to spend more time with my growing family (click here to read more about this reason and our new twins). The second and also important reason (and why I am writing this article) is my belief that Jarret, an industry insider unlike myself, was ideally suited to lead the company during the next phase of the company, a phase that would see us rapidly grow our sales efforts and sales team.

Jarret, the son of a +30 year commercial freight broker, was the reason Post.Bid.Ship. existed in the first place. During his MBA studies, Jarret was the person who identified a unique set of anomalies in the marketplace that led to a shortage of Internet tools in commercial transportation. He knew based on this research that with the right technology at just the right time, an innovative company could resolve this shortage and in return, help professionals like his father plus millions of other commercial shippers, trucking firms and freight brokers increase their efficiency.

Since officially taking the reins as CEO a couple of months ago, Jarret has spent a lot of his time visiting and speaking with Post.Bid.Ship. users and prospects, opening a new sales office in Phoenix, Arizona, hiring new sales people and all this while putting the final touches on his vision for how our products are sold.

The two videos below from that ‘Your Business’ show I watched reminds me of how Jarret as our new CEO is working to position Post.Bid.Ship. using both his passion and industry reputation to invent a whole new product segment. The first video illustrates how Elizabeth Faraut and her company La Loop, makers of designer necklaces that holds your eyeglasses (talk about a niche play), has succeeded in building and expanding her sales team. The second video highlights the Top 5 “must-read” books for sales professionals.

As Jarret starts to hire new sales people, I am sure he, an avid reader, is giving them reading assignments. The video below from the same ‘Your Business’ show shares the Top 5 ‘must-read’ books on selling, many of which I am sure are on Jarret new sales team’s reading list now.