Harry George’s Keynote at 2011 Idea Funding

I have had the pleasure to meet many great business leaders and prolific investors over my career as an entrepreneur. One of the most influential and successful in both of these categories is Harry George of Tucson, Arizona.

For the past several years, Harry has been Arizona’s most active venture capitalist investing and serving on the corporate boards of several leading firms in the areas of technology and life sciences. I am very proud that Harry is both an investor and board member for Post.Bid.Ship., Inc., an Arizona-based start-up I co-founded with Jarret Hamstreet where we are attempting to automate the commercial trucking industry (an industry that represents over 5% of the US’s GDP).

Below is a video my Post.Bid.Ship. team recorded of Harry presenting the keynote address at the 2011 Idea Funding event held in Tucson, Arizona annually to promote entrepreneurship and angel/venture capital investing. (During this same event, Jarret Hamstreet and I were named the 2011 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award for our work at Post.Bid.Ship.)

In the video, Harry, a managing partner with Solstice Capital located in both Boston, Massachusetts and Tucson, Arizona, shares his insight on the shifting landscape of funding start-ups and how relationships between angels investors and venture capitalists have changed over the years. Harry is introduced by both Curtis Gunn, Chairman of the Desert Angels (also Post.Bid.Ship. investor) and Larry Hecker, Partner at Hecker & Muehlebach and Professor of Law at The University of Arizona (also Post.Bid.Ship.’s general counsel and investor). Enjoy!