How ‘NOT’ To Thank Your Customers

Last month, I recommended my blog readers emulate a company called Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes for promoting their corporate message to their customers (click here to read my post if you missed it). This month, I share with you an example of how ‘NOT’ to communicate with your customers.

While pumping gas, I read a sign attached to the gas pump that read “Thank you for paying first with credit card or cash. You’re helping stop costly drive offs.”

My response was “You’re welcome, I think?” That’s because translated, the sign really reads “Thank you for not stealing our gas!”

This is a text book example of how NOT to communicate with your clients. Thanking 100% of your customers for not stealing is probably not the best way to build loyalty and admiration among them. This sign could have easily said “Thank you for pre-paying and being a loyal customer. Please know your business is greatly appreciated.”

Such a sign would go a long way in helping make your customers more loyal and allow them to leave with a feeling of being truly appreciated for their business instead of thanking them for not “driving off without paying.” Your customers will leave saying to themselves “You’re welcome!”

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