Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes Knows Promotion

I enjoy visiting new and different restaurants when the opportunity presents itself. If you friend me on Facebook by clicking here, you can compete with others by guessing ‘What’s for Dinner?’.

Today, I stopped to enjoy a Tucson, Arizona restaurant called Souplantations and Sweet Tomatoes. What I really liked about this restaurant besides the food (which was great) was how they integrated their message into the surroundings of your table.

Check out the picture below. This is from my seat while looking at the table. First, notice how they inform you on the tray that their food is fresh, they adhere to the strictest standards, their produce is delivered fresh by refrigerated truck each day and harvested straight from the ground.

To the right of that, you will see a card that instructs the bus staff whether you are going to be ‘ripe’ back or on the other side that you are leaving and will see them next ‘thyme.’ Cute! Because this is a buffet restaurant, they probably invented this ingenious technique to help avoid the disaster of someone’s food accidentally being cleared when they went for a cup of ice cream or a bowl of soup. Totally cool!

Thirdly, there is a sticker temporarily adhered to the table top advertising their ‘Summer Tropics’ promotion. This probably changes monthly putting in your mind an excuse for why you need to come back. Way smart!

Lastly, the stand on the table communicates even more. This page shares how Souplantations and Sweet Tomatoes is environmentally aware ‘from the napkin in your hand to the lights above your head.’ Then they quantify at the bottom their environmental impact. Talk about great public relations!

If imitation is the best form of flattery, think of ways in your business to flatter Souplantations and Sweet Tomatoes:)

Lunch at Souplantation in Tucson