I Made YouTube’s Homepage

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, had a huge inspiration on my life after I heard a speech he gave back at the turn of the century called “Regret Minimization Framework.” Earlier this year, an incoming MBA student asked me why I had decided to take a break from my entrepreneurship career and business to complete an MBA (I get that question quite a bit). I borrowed from Jeff Bezos framework saying “studying entrepreneurship and business at the masters level at a top tier entrepreneurship schools has always been a dream of mine. The point came in my life at 33 years of age when I knew I would reget not having done my MBA.”

I shared with him how I had learned about regret minimization from Jeff Bezos in the late 90’s and it was that framework that I have since used for all major decisions in my life. After some online searching, I was able to find a copy of that video that had inspired me. I uploaded that video to YouTube and emailed a link to my new friend so he could witness Bezos profound words of wisdom. The video went viral and became a hit. It became so popular in fact, YouTube and TechCruch selected the video as one of the top 100 videos to watch before you die. Wow! Who would have known that something so moving to a young boy from Tennessee would later grow to affect so many in a profound way?

Below is a screenshot of my video highlighted on YouTube’s home page. Click here or the image below to see a larger screenshot. To watch the video on YouTube, click here.