From Pasadena with the Alabama Crimson Tide

As many know, I am a life-long Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Since Alabama’s last National Championship 17 years ago in the Sugar Bowl over Miami (the year I graduated high school), life has not been an ideal world for an Alabama fan. We have endured NCAA violations including lost scholarships, vacated wins and coaching turnover. But as a loyal and strong Alabama fan, I never lost hope that Bama would eventually return to greatness.

I am now keeping that promise I made myself over the years that when Alabama returned to the National Championship, I would be there. After Alabama beat Florida to win the 2009 SEC Championship several weeks ago, my fate was sealed. My first week of 2010 would be in Pasadena, California attending the BCS Championship at the Rose Bowl.

Yesterday, I made the flight over from Tucson, Arizona to Los Angeles, California and then drove 1 hour south to Costa Mesa, CA to watch live The Nick Saban Show hosted by the voice for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, Eli Gold. What other way to kick off my week here in Pasadena!

Nick Saban, coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, lived up to my expectations. Fans like myself watched as Saban spoke about the game of football, the challenges of meeting such high expectations and the importance of preparation, focus and determination. One of the fans turned to me saying “He gives you chills when he speaks doesn’t he?”

After the show was over, I got the opportunity to shake Nick Saban’s hand and wish him good luck in the big game against Texas. Nick Saban also signed an photo for me which will definitely get framed and go on my office wall!

Here’s a photo of me after The Nick Saban Show posing with Big Al, the Alabama Crimson Tide mascot…

Micky with Big Al at The Nick Saban Show

Below is the opening of the show as Coach Nick Saban entered the room and took a seat…