Welcomed by the Arizona Wildcats (literally)…

In our first week here in Tucson, some of Arizona’s desert animals introduced themselves to us. On our first night, Itsy Bitsy, our 3lb toy poodle, found a bug in our home. She played with the bug which consisted of tossing it up and catching it as the bug attempted to scurry off. Layla intervened when she realized the bug was a scorpion!.

Below is a picture of a Bark Scorpion which are common in Tucson, Arizona. We learned since that night that scorpions aren’t as dangerous as depicted in the movies except to babies and the elderly.

Arizona Scorpion

The next day, Layla, Amelia and I started unpacking groceries from the car. Layla said to me in a whisper “Micky, what kind of cat is that coming across the driveway?”

I turned to look and realized the cat was no ordinary house cat. It turned out to be a mountain lion. I grabbed Amelia and put her in the car while Layla jumped in the front seat. The wildcat strutted as it walked away slowly down the driveway.

Below is a picture of a Mountain Lion. Tucson is also habitat to wild bobcats.

Mountain Lion

Needless to say we are getting used to life here in Arizona while also being more alert and attentive to our wild neighbors.

Q: What are 3 other names which mountain lions are referred?

A: Mountain lions are referred to also as cougars, puma and panthers.