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Professional References

Micky has worked closely over the last 20 years with some great people and has earned many of their professional endorsements. Micky has received over 30 written recomendations on LinkedIn. Below we pull out just a few for you to learn more about the type of leader Micky is when it comes to business and technology.

Bobby Walters, Director of Operations at Rezult Technology

If you're considering a technology project and want someone you can count on to deliver, look no further than Micky Thompson. I worked with Micky to supply programming consultants for a project which he was managing the delivery of for his client. We worked closely together and I found Micky was a pleasure to work with and was 100% committed to his client's best interest while also considering the interests of everyone involved - he truly seeks to create a win-win.

I found him to be a creative, driven and dedicated individual who will do whats necessary to deliver what he says. He is also someone that sticks to his core values who you can trust to operate his business dealings in an ethical manner. I look forward to working with Micky again and I endorse him as both a person and a professional.

Stacy Roach, Power of 3 Consulting

I served with Micky on the ACT! Advisory Board, and was impressed with his intelligence and humor. Micky was a fantastic contributor to the board, and his contributions were always spot-on. His easy demeanor made it a joy to work with him and I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Micky at any time.

James Carbary, Business Development at The SPIRIT Project

I had the opportunity to sit under Micky's leadership while I was at The SPIRIT Project. Micky has a unique ability to turn complex problems into well thought, strategic solutions. He uses precise and effective systems that turn each of his projects into well oiled machines that produce results.

Micky intentionally shares his wisdom and experience with his teams, making everyone around him better. As much as Micky teaches others, he's also extremely teachable, making him a humble leader that becomes more valuable to an organization every day.

Diza Sauers, Program Director Business Communications Program, The University of Arizona

Micky Thompson is one of those rare individuals who embodies all the attributes and qualities of an outstanding entrepreneur. Most importantly, Micky adds value wherever he goes -- whether he is mentoring, connecting individuals, challenging ideas, or providing insight, he does so with generosity and aplomb.

In my own classroom, Micky spent countless hours supporting teams who were developing their communication skills by challenging their critical thinking, their strategic approach, and most of all, their ability to work a room. He is a gifted speaker who possess both charm and style while he unveils his prodigious analytical skills -- a particularly potent combination. Most of all, Micky is a true leader. He recognizes where there is need and does his best to fill it. You couldn't ask for a better business partner. I recommend him highly. Any organization lucky enough to partner with him will be the better for it.

Collin Crowley, Business Analyst at Post.Bid.Ship.

I started working with Micky when Post.Bid.Ship. was simply a business plan. I had the pleasure of learning from him while he built his vision of Post.Bid.Ship. from idea on paper to functioning business. Micky has incredible vision as well as the ability to manage and motivate a team. His work with investors is both creative and constructive and he is a pleasure to work with every single day. Micky's analytical and strategic talents take business development to the next level. He has an amazing ability to find and break down data as well as build strategy to meet any goal.

Not only is Micky a talented entrepreneur, he is also an extremely caring mentor. Micky's ethics and ideals cannot be shaken and Micky will never sacrifice his character or beliefs for personal gain. He truly cares about everyone he works with and it shows through his actions every day. Micky is honest, fair, and a true example of how business should be done in todays entrepreneurial economy.

Dr. Daniel Bens, Associate Dean and Director MBA Programs, The University of Arizona

Micky was a student in my introductory MBA financial accounting class during the fall semester 2008. He was a student that was truly interested in learning the material and, more importantly, how it actually APPLIED to his business ventures. As a professor, it is very rewarding to have those types of students that want to take your material and run with it.

I also observed that Micky was a student leader in the MBA program. He was a resource for other students, and earned a great deal of respect from both his peers AND the faculty and staff of the Eller College.

I endorse Micky without any reservations. He would be a fantastic employee, business partner or corporate officer.

Jarret Hamstreet, Post.Bid.Ship. Chief Executive Officer

It is my great pleasure to write this reference for Micky Thompson. I met Micky seven years ago when we entered The University of Arizona’s Eller MBA program. I was immediately drawn to Micky’s candid personality, strong moral compass and “Southern Charm” – all attributes that served Micky well during our time as MBA students and later as business partners at Post.Bid.Ship.

From day one of our MBA studies, Micky proved to be a valuable asset to our MBA class. He brought to class discussions insightful commentary informed by his decade long pre-MBA career as a technology entrepreneur. As second year MBA students, Micky and I partnered as teammates in the nationally ranked McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship where we developed the venture concept that later became Post.Bid.Ship. Shortly before graduation, Micky and I, along with our teammate Cody Nicholls, proudly shared The University of Arizona’s “Best Venture Award” for our Post.Bid.Ship. concept.

Upon graduation from The University of Arizona, Micky and I co-founded Post.Bid.Ship., Inc. with the encouragement of our family, friends and startup investors. Micky served as Post.Bid.Ship.’s founding CEO during which time he led the company through the important product development and go-to-market stages. Micky’s blend of business and technology experience enabled us to navigate these early stages of the company’s lifecycle, identify key market opportunities on which to focus our limited resources and overcome challenges commonly encountered by technology startups.

During Micky’s tenure as CEO, Post.Bid.Ship. achieved major milestones, including bringing our product to market, filing the company’s first patent application, raising over $2 million from private investors, securing grants of $371,000 as a two-time winner of the Arizona Innovation Challenge and being named one of the Southwest’s most innovative companies by the Invest Southwest conference. Throughout this time, Micky worked hard to nurture a well-informed team and invested a great deal of energy in communicating our goals and action plan to company stakeholders, including board members, investors, employees, customers and partners.

After three years as Post.Bid.Ship.’s CEO, Micky stepped into the role of Chief Information Officer, a move that enabled the company to continue benefitting from his technology leadership and enabled Micky the flexibility to focus on increasing family responsibilities. As Micky’s successor as CEO, I continue to benefit from his business acumen, counsel on important technology issues and strategic vision as a member of the company’s Board of Directors. I look forward to sharing with Micky many successes still to come at Post.Bid.Ship. and to observing with great interest other organizations he chooses to apply his considerable entrepreneurial skillset to in the years ahead.