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With over 30 written recomendations from supervisors, direct reports and colleagues on LinkedIn, project manager for over a thousand unique technology projects, manager to 39 full-time developers that have performed 76,427 programming hours and experience across a wide range of industries, Micky's excited to speak with you and your team about being your next Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer.

Micky's professional backgroud is diverse having served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), a member of the Board of Directors and and advisor to dozens of companies over his 20+ year career. Micky brings a unique blend of business, technology and entrepreneurial experience.

Micky is at home in the board room, as a member of the orginzations leadership team, brainstorming in a room with graphic designers, working with open source and non-open source developers, meeting with a company's customer to learn how technology can better serve them and leading the team at the helpdesk. To learn more about Micky's technology leadership style, we recommend you visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. To visit FAQ's, click here.